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Dr, Jim Garrow: The Dishonest Media and The Dishonest Message

The Dishonest Media and The Dishonest Message: It was the great thinker Marshall McLuhan who posited that “the medium is the message”, and that particular truth has never been more evident than in the bias-laden media of this new millennium. What is most astounding and heavily saddening is that there are few voices raised in…

MUST-SEE: Malcolm X on Liberals

We found this little jewel and wanted to share it with all our readers. Malcolm X goes into detail about how the left-wing ideologies are what has been suppressing the black man for many years.

Catalina Island Postmortem

Where to start… A few months ago we decided to take an extended sail out to the island. This was actually going to be a shakedown as part of a mini-vacation that we planned. [READ MORE HERE]

Drew Pooters: Liberals

Okay, let’s get started: With the underpinning of all liberal thought is that everything should be fair, and that people are inherently good, and they know better than everyone else as to how they should live, we’ll begin: Ask one just how they, in detail, will STOP guns from coming INTO the country if they…

Dr. Jim Garrow: No Surprise at All

No Surprise At All: The meme of the “lone wolf” or the “disturbed person” is all over the media as they attempt to summarize what motivates a person to commit horrid acts of violence against their fellow man. And boy do they miss the point. Man is a fallen being, mired in the sin of…

Dr. Jim Garrow: Bergdahl’s Breaking Bad Defence

Bergdahl’s Breaking Bad Defence: So the quackiatrists think that buddy Bergdahl had some sort of break with reality similar to a schizophrenic episode? I heard about this condition on Breaking Bad when Walter White showed up in a supermarket with no clothes on. That was a well-crafted con. I can’t remember what they called it…