Dr. Jim Garrow: The Pimply-Faced Censors At Facebook

The Pimply-Faced Censors At Facebook:

Dr. Jim Garrow

There is far more to be said for age and experience than we often hear about in this day and age. I’m sure we have all seen movies where the fate of someone hangs on the whim of some Nazi adolescent eager to please somebody. The Sound of Music had its lederhosen wearing young fellow who turns in the Von Trap family on the turn of a dime. You can see the thinking on his face as he struggles to reconcile what to do with what his heart tells him. It appears that training and slogans beat heart and love in that epic.

We are more and more coming up against an unknown group whose quick on the draw mindless blasting away under the guise of Facebooks “Community Standards” has raised the hackles of most of us. If we haven’t fallen victim to being put in Facebook jail for one post or another we find ourselves in the Catch 22 of being asked our thoughts on our recent banning/blocking/trip to the gas chambers, and what we would like to see done about it. Who is actually asking, what community standards (spam? – yeah, right) and if we respond who adjudicates? The unbelievable success of Facebook has shown the world that connecting us together as humanity is a deep-seated need on the part of all of us. How we accomplish that is varied and as unique as each individual, but the common ability to “chat” and share through posting on Facebook has brought many likeminded folks together. And that my friends is the rub as Shakespeare said, the vast majority of us do not swallow “group think” or the “bafflegab” of the commie left. We see things through the links that we have with a past that included more freedom than we seem to have today. This younger generation that is awash in riches courtesy of social media have not learned the lessons of history that we have, they are more knee-jerk in their reactions and have special trigger words that have them drooling like Pavlov’s dogs in agreement or raging against what their teachers told them is evil propaganda. That evil propaganda would include The Constitution, The Rule of Law, and The Bible it would seem.

I am in conversation with folks about what might present a solution to this present darkness and the evil that waits to pounce in denial of our rights to free speech and free expression via “community standards” that want the authority of our founding documents. Sorry Zuckie, if I have my way, your days of rule would be over in a heartbeat.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –