Dr. Jim Garrow: The Forest for the Trees

The Forest Or The Trees:

Dr. Jim Garrow

The disconnect between the Hollyweird elite and their marxist bed fellows and the America of Donald Trump is as strange as it is outlandish. America is seeing an economic rebound that international business stalwarts are praising to high heaven. Let the good times roll is their musical theme. Trump is dismantling the anti-American tariffs and protectionism of many nations doing trade with America by simply being who he is – a man who says he will do something and does it. How often have there been people of character who will actually do as they say and as they promise? They are a rare breed. One of the outcomes of this kind of honesty on the part of a world leader is respect. And the world has learned already that President Trump is a man of his word and whose interests are simple, protecting the American people is his Job One. He will take on all comers with that simple notion in mind. Canada is seeing a rather one sided agreement called NAFTA being treated as it should be, a give away of American resources and dollars. Trudeau, the tendentious adolescent thinks that he can solve his nations problems by insulting the leader who is holding the reins of Canada’s future. Canada needs America; not so much the other way around.

The raging of the left is merely the symptom of those whose current tantruming signal that they are no longer getting their way. An adult has entered the room and taken control over things that matter. Hollyweird simply does not matter – a lesson that a child learns when they realize that they are not the centre of the universe. President Trump earned the trust of the American people and is proving daily across the world that his hands are a good place for America to leave their trust. The proof is always in the pudding as they say and the American pudding is smelling and tasting yummy.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –