Dr. Jim Garrow: Ontario – The New Ford Nation

Ontario – The New Ford Nation:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Doug Ford is the new Premier of Ontario and the current losing Premier finds herself the leader of a party so low in the rankings that they lost political party status according to the election rules in Ontario. The Liberals are now the official nonparty runts of the litter.

So the Progressive Conservatives trounced the Liberals in the Ontario provincial election in Canada. Interesting that for the first time in Canadian History a party based mostly on environmental issues and hard left policies got a seat. And yes it is in the town where I have a house. The Green Party has one seat and for those who live in Guelph that should remind them that a lone voice has no clout and when the right wing wins and a far left party has one seat the area that elected that solo performer will not have much of a voice.

The Canadian Province with the largest population continues to follow the American example and put sound business and social principals into practice after having been victimized by the tax and spend commies.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –