Olive Garden – Santa Ana

It has been many years since we have eaten at Olive Garden, but because we recently received a gift card for Olive Garden from a relative, we decided that we should have dinner there.  Olive Garden was always a favorite if you can ignore the fact that they and so many other restaurants use chemicals in their foods.  Sadly most restaurant chains do resort to MSG and other additives in their foods, so if you are into organics and GMO-free foods, Olive Garden should be down the list of places you would want to eat.

We started off with the “Create a Sampler” platter, on which we ordered the calamari, stuffed mushrooms (with clams), and fried mozzarella.  It was really good, and we will probably order this again if we decide to eat here again.

For the main course, we selected to pasta and chicken.  Again, this was really good and we would probably order this again.  All served very politely by our waiter, as many breadsticks as we wanted, along with iced tea.

All and all it was a very pleasant experience.  The waiter was great, it wasn’t too loud, and the food was above average.  Would we eat here again?  Probably, but the reservation we have is that we like to eat healthily and we are concerned about whether our food is organic and GMO-free.  To their credit, Olive Garden states on their website that they do not use MSG in their foods, and according to their suppliers they do not use MSG in the supplied foods, either.  So, in the end, the question of GMOs in our food is probably one of the key factors in whether or not we will return.  With that in mind, we will not.

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