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The other night, while getting ready for bed, I went through my normal evening ritual of putting on the pajamas, getting a glass of water, taking a Melatonin, and downloading the previous night’s episodes of Coast to Coast A.M.  Wow, was I in for a surprise.

The first guest was a Dr. Ted Broer, a Chemist with his PhD. from Florida State University, and an expert

Dr. Ted Broer

Dr. Ted Broer

nutritionist.  He is an intelligent man that seems to have the ability to see the overall picture by connecting the dots of various causes, to the effect at the end.  He’s also the most energetic and passionate man of 68 years that I think I have ever heard speak.

He started out the show by giving a bit of history about himself, and then went into an interesting discussion with host George Noory, regarding his “top ten” list of the most dangerous toxins and poisons that we take into our bodies.  In brief, here are his top ten absolute “no-nos” (thanks to the Coast to Coast A.M. site):



  1. High fat meats such as bacon and hot dogs, which contain sodium nitrates
  2. Aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in diet drinks and other products
  3. Margarine, and products that contain trans fat (use organic butter instead)
  4. Shellfish, generally contains too much contamination
  5. Junk foods (like Twinkies), and products with high fructose corn syrup
  6. Soy products, tend to increase estrogen levels
  7. Fluoridated and chlorinated water, act as endocrine disruptors
  8. High fat dairy products, and non-organic dairy (have bovine growth hormones)
  9. Coffee, elevates harmful cortisol levels 
  10. Alcohol, habitual or daily use causes problems

The good doctor not only covered diet and cancer-causing foods and additives, but in his researched he has also found evidence that we are being sprayed above with chemtrails that are spraying aluminum and


Jet Spraying Aluminum and Barium

barium into the atmosphere.  He expounds a very compelling argument that is difficult to counter.  While talking about eating healthy he sounds very knowledgeable, and when he starts to speak about chemtrails, you can hear the passion come through.

It seems that he collected rainwater on two different occasions a few years ago, just after noticing a heavily chemtrailed spraying.  He had the two rainwater samples tested, and they both came back with highly toxic levels of both aluminum and barium.  Aluminum, as the doctor noted, is being inhaled and passes through the nasal mucous membranes, and then directly into the brain.  This causes dementia and Alzheimer’s  in people.

Regarding Fluoride, he stated that if there were only one poison that we should all stay away from, Fluoride would be at the top of his list.  Fluoride crosses the blood/brain barrier, and attacks the brain, then settles in the Pituitary Gland.  This poison, first used against prisoners in the Nazi Germany prison camps of WWII, it was used

Fluoride: Deadly Poison

Fluoride: Deadly Poison

to dumb down the prisoners and keep them sick and docile, is now dumped into water systems all over the U.S. under the false guise that it is for fighting cavities.  An assumption that has been proven false over and over.  This reporter has written letters on more than one occasion to the local representatives questioning the wisdom of dumping this poison into our water, while not even having a study on what a typical dosage should be for adults or children that are forced to take this into their bodies, and as you might guess the letters were ignored.  No big surprise, as in our country we do not tend to elect the brightest.  I even included the Harvard study that concluded Fluoride diminished the I.Q. in children, but politicians with their agendas do not really care about that.

Dr. Ted Broer had much to say about several interesting topics, but I will leave the three-hour interview to you, the reader, to listen to.  Much too much to cover here, and you have to hear his presentation to do it justice.

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