Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower and Hero

When this 29 year old NSA employee came forward back on June 8th regarding the secret program known as PRISM, who knew the all of the ramifications that he would bring with his story?  In a bold and heroic move, Snowden blew the whistle on just how deep the rabbit hole was regarding our own government spying on us.  In an article on The Daily Digest, found HERE, and inspired from inside sources, we here at the Digest uncovered evidence that the NSA and other


Edward Snowden

agencies had already infiltrated some of the largest internet companies in the U.S., and had their agents working in management positions – all with the knowledge and consent of those companies.  Their goal is to have a firm grasp on all aspects of our lives and catalog our every move.  One can only speculate as to why, but when an out of control government goes to these lengths it has historically been to implement controls on the people of that country.

There are several other most-disturbing aspects of what is happening surrounding Snowden and his heroic disclosure.

First of all one has to wonder why it is that we in the United States had to hear about our own government spying on NSA-listeningus from a news paper in the United Kingdom.  Obviously Snowden was intelligent enough to understand that if he were to have taken his case to any of the propaganda arms of the government, also known as the press, he would have been immediately shut down, and worse, probably have had a few phone calls to the NSA made on his behalf.  So why didn’t anyone, anywhere, report anything on our rogue government?  After all, the NSA started spying on us sometime back in 2007.  Our mainstream media has had six years to do their job and report on the government’s illegal and un-Constitutional activities, but they failed to do so.  In that six years we could all speculate that someone, somewhere, in our own press must have known something about this, but just not reported on it.  But then, the mainstream media in the U.S. reporting on any corruption in our own government is akin to the left arm cutting off the right.

The second, but more expected and disturbing aspect, is how our mainstream media here in the U.S. is now calling for the death sentence to be implemented.  Sadly, very few within the propaganda structure are hinting that Snowden might just be a hero – Manning 2.0.  We here at The Daily Digest have been researching issues like these for over five years now, so as with most of you reading this, there is no real surprise here.  Although not unexpected, always appalling.

With the gravity of what is being disclosed, NSA spying, presidential lying, congressional cover ups, and so much more, it should be very interesting to follow this story through to its conclusion.

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