Monsanto: Evil, Greedy, Ugly Part of Humanity

There is no doubt that a leader in corporate food technology, Monsanto, is well represented in the Obama administration. In 2010, the president appointed Mark Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President and lobbyist, as the Food and Drug Administration’s food safety division. That’s real influence.

The beneficiaries of this legislation are clear. Whenever they come up with a very special Franken-gene, Monsanto, Lilly, etc., are off the hook and ready to roll without obstacles. They just need a



special order rubber stamped document from the Secretary of Agriculture. If he’s too busy, they’ll write it for him.

Learn how Congress let Monsanto off the hook here ► ║ Obama Signature On Monsanto Protection Act Ignites Massive Activism [VIDEO] ► ║ Visual reference ► ║ Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm ►

The full length film ‘The World According to Monsanto’ can be seen here ►

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