Newtown Police Spokesman Threatens Bloggers and Others – We Are Investigating

To this “peace officer”, or as they have re-branded themselves, “law enforcement officers”, I say this:

Nether me (editor) nor the attorney in our office, has been able to find anywhere in any of the law books where it states that free speech can be curtailed at the whim of you or anyone else.  We also could not find reference to any laws that are broken when someone engaging in social media makes statements or postings.  In short, you are way too full of yourself and are inviting law suites for your threats and how you seem to be practicing law without a law license.

The office of The Daily Digest will, however, be investigating your statements, you, and any federal entity that wishes to bully, coerce, threaten, and otherwise break any state or federal laws.  We will keep a watchful eye on your behaviors to ensure that you are not crossing any legal lines.

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