The Downfall of the Occupy Groups: Divided and Conquered

I have been following the Occupy Wall Street group since its inception.  Back when they were a very small group of perhaps 20-50 kids.  From the beginning I supported them and wrote an article in support.  What has come to transpire over the past weeks has been both exciting and disappointing.

At first I, and most everyone else I know, were really excited about the movement.  Here we had a fresh and energetic group of young people that appeared to have taken a serious look around and decided that something was terribly wrong.  They had decided they would not take what Wall Street had to offer any longer, and were going to take an active role in their future and the future of our country.  How refreshing that was in light of the iPhone generation’s previous attitude that seemed to be apathetic to anything they could not consume.  We, here at the office, were indeed happy, and at times overwhelmed, by what was taking place before our very eyes.

As the weeks wore on things started to happen that caused me to pause and examine more carefully what was happening on the inside.  We started to see millionaires and Hollywood stars come out from the woodwork, supposedly in support of the movement.  Most seemed to think this was yet another moment in the sun for them, as they hogged camera time where I would have much rather heard what the young people had to say. The only one that deferred his camera time and told the reporter to “go ask them” what they were protesting about, was Jesse Ventura.

Now, in more recent times, it has become very apparent that the Occupy movements have become splintered and useless, as they have taken on so many issues and alienated most of the people that once supported them.  Everything from abortion to legalizing illegal aliens.  Occupy is a joke next to the uprisings in Europe and the middle east.  Perhaps some day when the occupiers learn the core of the problem – politicians in D.C. – and stop trying to use their platform to beat their ideas into the rest of us they will gain ground.  As they completely miss the mark, they leave the politicians to keep us divided so that they can continue their corruption and control.  All the while our country slides quickly into a financial and freedomless abyss.

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