A Followup to the DHS Article re Dutchsinse

This update

is in re my article [HERE] about a man that goes by the nick Dutchsinse.  There was a posting on the DHS blog site, where someone slandered Dutch with the following:

“At September 6, 2011 3:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous

There is a Youtube account or Accounts under the names Dutchsinse and Dutchsince that is saying that the HAARP Facility is causing weather modification and in turn causing tornadoes to kill of US Citizens! He even has videos about the Joplin tornado. I have reported him to youtube several times as he has “Forecasts” of HARRP rings as he calls them…so he can warn his viewers of when our government is out to cause weather modification in order to depopulate the United States of America….could Some one at Homeland please check into this as the “followers” on his channel actually believe this and as a wife of a retired Air Force person, this rhetoric is what is going to get someone hurt or even killed…Comments Are calling FEMA Detention camps! And not to trust FEMA if they show up at your door! I am disgusted with this and he has over 100,000 views and people really are falling for this and I have tried to tell them to stop and then they call me a “shill” or “troll” or an government Agent??? This is not the type of behavior we need in this hostile climate! Thank you for looking into this matter.”

I posted a response to this as a response:

“This “anonymous” character has been allowed to come into this site and slander a man with accusations that have no validity.  I would hope that the man that goes by the nick name of “Dutchsinse” will file a law suit against this person for defamation and bring him/her to justice.

Dutchsinse has never spoken about the government causing citizens to be killed.  He only shows what he has seen on Doppler radar that is available for all to see.  He has never warned anyone that the government is out to depopulate the U.S.  I have not heard Dutchsinse speak of FEMA camps, either.

I am surprised and appalled that a government site would allow this sort of response to be posted when it is not corroborated by any evidence.  It could not be corroborated, as these accusations are fabricated and never happened.

Then to allow the conclusions of this delusional person as if they have some sort of expert opinion seems to only add to the problems, both legal and otherwise, that they are causing.

I would think that Ms. Napolitano and the people that moderate this forum would think twice about allowing tax dollars to be spent in a manner that may be illegally damaging to the reputation of a man that attempts to bring information to others to help them.

In the law office that I managed there is at least one attorney that would represent this man in an action against this person, but unfortunately he is not in the state which the attorney is licensed to practice.  If he were, we would take the case on a pro bono basis because after reviewing the situation, the attorney was angry at how this person has gone after Dutchsinse in such a voracious and unrelenting manner.

Thank you for your time.

Tom Peranteau”

To date

my response has not been printed on the site.  As it seems, the Department of Homeland Security is selective about what they allow to be posted and moderate their site.  That is not the problem.  The problem is that the posting by “Anonymous” was libelous and without any merit.  No proof given, but they printed it without qualification.

One can only guess why a government site owned by the People and paid for with our tax money would support, and by so encourage, the defamation of a fellow citizen.  I would suppose that if it furthers your political agenda and justifies your existence, then that may motivate some to act in such an irresponsible fashion.  Just more proof that the DHS needs to be dismantled and done away with.

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